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Physical Wellness

We provide exceptional healthcare resources, preventative measures, and fitness programs to enhance the well-being of our employees.

Mental Wellness

We provide a range of resources and unwavering support for stress management and building resilience.

Financial Wellness

Conquer financial stress with MYWELLNEX's expert solutions designed to empower your financial well-being and ensure a secure future.

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MYWELLNEX leads the way in digital wellness, presenting a revolutionary approach to self-care with our distinctive 360° Wellness Plan. This comprehensive plan doesn't just tackle healthcare; it also offers innovative solutions to address the prevalent financial management challenges in today's marketplace.

Our committed team possesses expertise in the Wellness Integrated Medical Plan Expense Reimbursement (WIMPER) program. Leveraging strategic utilization of tax codes, we effortlessly integrate the 360° Wellness Plan, guaranteeing that both employers and employees incur zero net out-of-pocket expenses.

Employer Benefits

We grasp the intricacies of healthcare and its advantages. We continuously assess our offerings in alignment with the evolving healthcare and benefits environment, ensuring our commitment to exploring new, groundbreaking concepts and products that can best serve you and your organization. Through our partnership, we guarantee a superior benefits solution that surpasses any other available options.

Employee Benefits

One of the most impactful and exceptional offerings an organization can provide to its workforce is healthcare coverage. That's why we're excited to introduce MyWellNex This clinically-driven initiative is dedicated to vigilantly monitoring and pinpointing high-risk domains, all with the overarching aim of aiding employees in achieving an improved quality of life. Our commitment to your employees' well-being extends far beyond standard benefits.

Enhanced Medical

Care Options

Crafted With Your Employee's Needs At The Forefront

Discover the Ultimate Convenience and Accessibility as You Seamlessly Manage and Access Your Comprehensive Benefits with the Effortless Swipe of Your Finger on Our User-Friendly Mobile App.


Our Signature Product


At the heart of our offering lies the groundbreaking 360° Wellness Plan, a multifaceted and forward-thinking program that not only fosters enhanced health and well-being among your staff but also strategically bolsters the overall productivity and performance of your business.

This comprehensive plan transcends the boundaries of conventional wellness initiatives. It goes beyond merely promoting better health; it addresses the holistic well-being of your employees, nurturing their physical, mental, and emotional health. By taking this all-encompassing approach, we empower your team to lead healthier, more fulfilled lives, both within and beyond the workplace.

Our 360° Wellness Plan is meticulously designed to maximize the synergy between employee wellness and business success. As your employees embark on their wellness journey, they become not just healthier individuals but also more engaged and productive contributors to your organization’s goals. This, in turn, leads to reduced absenteeism, enhanced job satisfaction, and an overall boost in the efficiency and effectiveness of your workforce.


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America’s health care system is in crisis precisely because we systematically neglect wellness and prevention.

Tom Harkin

Tom Harkin

Former United States Senator

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We’re your strategic partner for long-term cost savings through improved employee well-being, leading to lower healthcare costs, reduced absenteeism, and higher productivity.

We customize wellness programs to your employees’ unique goals, delivering exactly what they need.

We’re your strategic partner for cost savings through improved employee wellness, reducing healthcare costs, absenteeism, and boosting productivity.



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